Andrew Chin's paintings are "soft edge art". His work takes a soft approach to making a statement. It has humor, heart, wit, charm, and simplicity. It get tothe point. It does not have a masculine approach of sledgehammering the viewer with excessive technique, heavy or complicated intellect, sexuality, anger, religion, or ugliness. It is universal-being accesible to all types of people and all ages..

....The paintings stem from several influences, beginning with Dada and Marcel Duchamp in questioning what art is. Next it has Rene Margarite's absurdity of vision. It also encompasses Norman Rockwell's theme's of the "heart". Then, there is the pop artists ie Lichtenstein, A. Warhol, etc. which express statements about American culture. He has been compared with Koon, but does not have the nasty twist and Philip Guston. There is an asiantradition of black lines on a blank background with occassional asian implements (chopsticks).

.....His paintings are illustrative, somewhat cartoony, witty, and minimal in style. The objects are easily recognizable and direct. They are usedto portray unpopular, politically incorrect, and socially provocative personal issues. The colors are bright. There is little or no texture. It does not depend on atmosphere. Every line in the painting is painted with hair. The total package is designed to grab the viewer'sattention and to keep it long enough to promote thought and stimulation. It opens the eye as well as the mind and the heart.

.....The more recent Neon Sculptures replace the hairs in his paintings with glow. This group of neon wall sculptures were originally created to show in China.